By Alaina Brandenburger

Although traditional marketing channels including print, radio and television are still popular methods of reaching consumers, current marketing strategies involve many more channels. An important component of any marketing strategy is content marketing. This involves posting blogs, videos, social media posts and other content designed to inspire your customers and build your brand image. While many successful companies employ this strategy, it is possible that they could be including more members of the company in the process to help make content marketing campaigns stronger.

Involve Your IT and Graphic Design Team

With many companies, marketing starts with a strong website. This is often the first point of contact for a customer, and it should encourage customers to sign up to receive your content. A robust webpage will also help your company’s search engine profile. According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Though many elements of a website affect where the site’s pages rank, a website’s authority – its digital reputation as a trusted, reliable source – is certainly something that contributes to how high or low it appears in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).” If your web developers are not involved with the marketing team, they should be. This can help to build a cohesive content platform, and each team can influence the user’s experience of your site.

Engage Employees at All Levels

Content marketing is most successful when blog posts, videos, social media posts and podcasts are high quality. There may be people in your organization who can create engaging and credible posts, but they need to know that they can contribute. The Content Marketing Institute offers the following suggestion to involve employees throughout the company: “Encourage the leaders of different departments to invite their team members to contribute content and participate in other content marketing activities (e.g., brainstorming, sharing).” Tapping employees to assist in communicating the story of your brand can help your content marketing team create authentic messages that may resonate more successfully. Additionally, you may have some talented people in other departments who are highly skilled at connecting with customers through podcasts and other channels.

Some Employees Like to Share

Most people these days are involved in social media in one form or another, and some of your employees may be building your brand on their own. Many executive level employees are aware of the damage that can be done to a brand when a disgruntled employee shares a scathing post that goes viral. But your employees can also serve as the best advocates for your brand. According to Hootsuite, “The quickest way increase your social media audience is to ask employees to share your organization’s content on their personal Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles.” When your employees are sharing valuable content that has been created by the content marketing team, they are increasing your distribution channel without increasing your advertising budget, and these posts may come across as more trustworthy than something shared through the company social media handle.

While your content marketing team may consist of select individuals in marketing and communication, it should actually be a company-wide endeavor. This way, you give content marketers a bigger well of information and expertise from which to draw. You also help to improve your company’s credibility and build the market. If you’re not engaging everyone in content marketing, it may be time to consider doing so.


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