FLORISSANT, Mo. (KMOX) – A local high school has a special message for young girls — and they can find it in the restroom.

A sea of students pour from classrooms and head to their lockers, next class, or the restroom, and young female students will see words etched in the mirror looking back at them.

Social studies teacher Adam Bender is working with the teacher group MN Strong to bring positivity to students and all over McCluer North High School.

Over the summer, Bender’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and received an etched mirror with inspiring words. When Bender saw the positive gift, he immediately thought of his students and how the idea could make an impact on their lives, too.

He quickly learned over the summer the process of glass etching, and had the words placed in the girls’ restrooms so they would be ready in time for the first day of school.

MN Strong is a non-profit organization of teachers that helps students with scholarships, student incentives, updating the school and most importantly, giving students a sense of pride.

The group continues to do a vast majority of fundraising, their biggest task being a new digital sign outside the school to feature student and staff members of the month, as well as to keep the public informed about upcoming events at McCluer North High School.

“The coolest part of doing this is that we’ve sent that message that they should have high expectations for their building and for themselves, and yes, you are just as important as anyone else,” Bender says.

To find out more on MN Strong, click here.


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