ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A Florissant minister who witnessed the violence in Charlottesville last weekend says she’s already been called about two other alt-right marches in the coming months. However, one planned for Texas A&M University was cancelled Monday evening over police concerns about violence and hate messages on social media.

Rev. Traci Blackmon was invited to Charlottesville to preach Friday night before the Saturday rally, seeing the mostly young white men in khakis and white Polos with tiki torches marching down the street that evening.

“It was horrifying, and it was something that I never thought I would be looking at in 2017,” she says.

Rev Blackmon describes this as a battle, calling white supremacists ‘evil’.

“People are not stable, we’re not well, as a country and we don’t have, in my opinion, we don’t have any moral compass in our leadership that can help us be well as a country,” she says.

Blackmon, who is very active on Facebook, says the violence she witnessed is prompting her to no longer be public about her destinations on social media.

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