SPRINGFIELD, ILL. (KMOX) – The eyes of Illinois are on Springfield this morning as the House returns to session, with the possible override of Governor Rauner’s amendatory veto of the education reform bill top on the agenda.

If Democrats are to override, they’ll need every vote from their caucus, plus four Republicans.

Belleville Democrat Jay Hoffman believes hearings will be enough to draw some to their side, especially when lawmakers hear of the impact he says the Governor’s plan would have on already high property tax rates.

“In some of the wealthier areas of the state, in the collar counties of Chicago where their property tax burden is excessive, I’m hopeful that they’ll look at this and say ‘this isn’t good for my district,”he says.

Hoffman hopes they’ll also listen to the state’s Superintendents who are opposed to the Governor’s veto. The House has until August 28th to join the Senate in overriding it. In the perfect world, Hoffman would like to see negotiations to come up with a better bill.

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