ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Mizzou astrophysics professor Angela Speck says the upcoming total solar eclipse could cause your GPS to go off the wall.

“It has to do with how long it takes radio waves, which are just a form of light, to bounce from your device to three or five satellites. If we can’t adjust for gravity and how it effects that light, then our positions will be wrong,” she says.

Speck tells KMOX’s Charlie Brennan Show that she plans to take in the eclipse from the rooftop of a building in Columbia, part of a network of scientists taking in the eclipse from west to east coasts.

“There are 68 identical telescopes setups all along the path, the whole length, so we actually get lots of time on the sky and seeing what’s going on,” she says.

One of the phenomenons they’ll be looking for are what kind of waves the sun’s gravity pulls in. Usually the sun is so bright that scientists aren’t able to zoom in around it to see.

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