SPRINGFIELD, ILL. (KMOX) – The Illinois House shot down legislation that reflects changes Governor Bruce Rauner wanted in the education funding plan he rejected.

Republicans decried the effort as a stall tactic, and the bill failed.

“Today’s vote is nothing more than show, it’s a sham vote, and the fact is it’s never going to go anywhere. It’s meaningless,” says minority Leader Jim Durkin.

Democrats say there’s no support for the governor’s revisions. The four legislative leaders are scheduled to meet Friday in hopes of reaching a compromise.

House Speaker Mike Madigan says the House will return to try overriding the governor’s veto on August 23rd.

“It does the job. It’s supported by every educational advocacy group in the state, it’s fair all across the state, every district wins, no district loses. We’re not talking away from that bill,” he says.

It’s unclear if Madigan has enough support to override the veto. If the override fails next week, Madigan says an identical bill has been drafted and passed by the Senate. They’ll vote on that instead and, again, the governor would have to sign it.

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