ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A Missouri state senator wrote on social media Thursday morning that she hopes the president is assassinated. As political leaders call for her resignation, she says “there’s no way in hell that I’m resigning.”

Responding to someone’s post on Facebook who said they’d probably get a visit from the secret service, Maria Chappelle-Nadal wrote, “No I will. I hope Trump is assassinated.”

KMOX’s Carol Daniel asked Chappelle-Nadal if she was going to apologize for her comments. Chappelle-Nadal replied, “When the President apologizes, I’ll apologize. I’m not apologizing for being frustrated and angry at the bigot that we have in our White House.”

Listen to Carol Daniel’s full interview with Maria Chappelle-Nadal

When asked if she would resign her position as Missouri State Senator, Chappelle-Nadal passionately stated, “Absolutely not. That’s ridiculous.”

In a statement issued Thursday, Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber called for her resignation.

“State Senator Chappelle-Nadal’s comments are indefensible. All sides need to agree that there is no room for suggestions of political violence in America – and the Missouri Democratic Party will absolutely not tolerate calls for the assassination of the President. I believe she should resign,” Webber said.

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill agrees. In a statement released Thursday afternoon, McCaskill stated, “I condemn it. It’s outrageous. And she should resign.”

The U.S Secret Service in St. Louis told KMOX News it is taking the comment very seriously. Special agent in charge of the Secret Service in St. Louis, Kristina Schmidt, says there is no forum on social media, in letters or in person, that make it okay to make threats against the President.

Schmidt says in cases like this they will investigate the intent and the possibility that a remark may inspire others to take action. She says the next step in a case like what Chappelle-Nadal wrote on Facebook, is to investigate whether or not there is intent to act on the words.

KMOX asked Schmidt if posting on Facebook to say, “I hope the President is assassinated” is against the law?

Schmidt replied, “So that’s the Secret Service’s job to find out if there was a federal violation committed. The Secret Service has to investigate all of these, whether it’s that someone else should do it, that I will do it, the Secret Service will have to investigate to find out if there is intent there. If there is intent there then we will present the case to the United States attorney’s office and it will be the United States attorney’s office to deem whether or not it’s a violation of law and whether or not they will file chargers.”

She says there is no specific law concerning threats to the President made on social media.

“The law is, no matter where you say it, or what venue you say it in…it is against the law,” Schmidt says.

Chappelle-Nadal told KMOX’s Mark Reardon on Twitter, “I put something on my personal Facebook page and it has now been deleted.”

But it wasn’t deleted before Reardon was able to get his hands on a screenshot of the post.

She also told Reardon, “I’m frustrated with this Presdient for causing so much hate.”

screen shot 2017 08 17 at 12 03 30 pm Maria Chappelle Nadal: I Hope Trump Is Assassinated

screen shot 2017 08 17 at 12 03 22 pm Maria Chappelle Nadal: I Hope Trump Is Assassinated

Comments (40)
  1. Charge her.

    § 2381 – Treason
    § 2382 – Misprision of treason
    § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection
    § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy
    § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government
    § 2386 – Registration of certain organizations
    § 2387 – Activities affecting armed forces generally
    § 2388 – Activities affecting armed forces during war
    § 2389 – Recruiting for service against United States
    § 2390 – Enlistment to serve against United States.

  2. James Mott says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. …and I’m glad that I’m infected…

  3. Kerry Valle says:

    Why is it that she can be a bigot and refuse to apologize, yet be allowed to have hypocrisy and hold others to her higher thou standard?

  4. Alan Watkins says:

    Maria, take the high road. Advocating violence is walking down the same road, hand in hand. We didn’t ask for it, we abhor it, therefore we can’t condone it. Walk in peace, with steady eye, and moral fortitude. What would Jesus do? What would MLK do?

  5. Nate Wells says:

    A black leader calling for the death of a white leader…and some wonder why racism won’t go away.

  6. Yeah, I been saying that I couldn’t say what the orange sphincter deserves, or I’d be in jail, I am glad that I’m not the only one. Congrats on having the courage to tell it like it is- a true patriot, in my opinion…

  7. State Senator Chappelle-Nadal is a hero.

  8. State Senator Chappelle-Nadal for president!

  9. I guess I could be satisfied with just criminal prosecution by Mueller…

  10. I despise everything Donald Trump stands for, but comments like this – or sentiments like it – do more to help him than get him out of office. Think it was Shakespeare in one of his plays that said something like, “Nothing becomes a man’s life like the leaving of it.” We’ve seen mediocre – or worse – players like Ronald Reagan and George Wallace elevated to hero status by assassination attempts. This might ignite a firestorm – no, I’m not a racist – but the roles of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy in history would certainly be far less shining if they’d not been killed. Both had unsavory things going on in their lives – in both cases, womanizing, for example, that made Bill Clinton look like a choir boy – that nobody pursued after their deaths. When will we ever learn?

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