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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – With two dozen or so supporters lined up behind her, Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal stepped to the podium at Wellspring Church in Ferguson Sunday afternoon.

She issued a 3-minute statement that included an apology for her recent Facebook post that suggested she wanted to see President Donald Trump “assassinated”.

“I am not, ever, going to make a mistake like that again and I have learned my lesson,” she said. “President Trump, I apologize to you and your family. I also apologize to all of the people in Missouri.”

Her apology was also extended to her colleages in the state legislature.

At no time did Chappelle-Nadal indicate that she would bow to growing pressure for her to step down due to the nature of her social media post.

“The message that has been sent to me by our God is that I am here to serve as a teacher, as a translator, but most of all as a servant,” she explained. “I am a servant of God, and I am a servant of the people I represent.”

She took no questions following her brief comments to reporters.

Constituant Nicole Gipson of Hazelwood was convinced that Chappelle-Nadal’s apology was heartfelt and sufficient to keep her in office.

In her mind Chappelle-Nadal was simply reflecting her the frustration felt by herself and those she represents over recent issues like Charlottesville.

“By no means is anybody who’s out here supporting her advocating for any type of violence at all,” according to Gipson. “She has been the most peaceful protestor who’s always gathering people in the street and advocating for calm.”

Gipson said the person who “ratted out” Chappelle-Nadal by screen-capturing her comment before it was quickly withdrawn actually exposed the message to a much wider audience than it would have had otherwise.

She added that it’s up to those who live Chappelle-Nadal’s district whether she stays in Jefferson City, not those who have called for the lawmaker’s ouster over her remarks.

Chappelle-Nadal has faced demands for her resignation from Governor Eric Greitens and U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, among others.

Missouri Lt. Gov. Mike Parson has said if she doesn’t voluntarily step down before the upcoming veto session, he’ll call for a vote to remove her from office.

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  1. lizzzy321 says:

    There is no possible way that this person can remain in office. There should be a vote to remove her from office. If she were allowed to remain, Americans will lose all respect for the office.

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