Michael Calhoun (@michaelcalhoun)By Michael Calhoun

DENVER (KMOX) — Will we see the sun before we even get a chance to see the moon cover the sun? Meteorologist Dean DeVore will keep us updated on the cloud cover for Monday’s total solar eclipse, but KMOX’s Michael Calhoun has what could be the best vantage point.

Above those pesky clouds.

As you may have heard on the radio this week, Michael will be on a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver to St. Louis when the eclipse occurs. It’s the plane deemed by the company’s meteorologists as having the best chance of passing through the path of totality.

>> Hear Michael’s conversation with Brian Kelly on Total Information AM Weekend

Southwest will hand out eclipse glasses (which are certified, we’re told) and has a menu of eclipse cocktails ready for passengers on a handful of flights. Others with the best chance of catching a glimpse are a Seattle to St. Louis flight and another to Nashville.

Check out this story from earlier this week on what Southwest is planning for its passengers.

But let’s get down to business — what’s the eclipse going to look like from the air? This week, KMOX spoke with Joe Rao, a meteorologist who in 2015 convinced Alaska Airlines to fly a plane under an eclipse.

He says not just the sky but everything will get dark — he compares the gradual fade to the lights lowering before a Broadway show. We’ve all heard about how the temperature will drop and the birds will stop chirping, but in a plane he says it gets quiet, too. People press their noses against the glass.

Here’s his video of the experience:

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