ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Getting ready to head out for that total solar eclipse party? Don’t forget your eclipse safety glasses.

“The majority of the eclipse is going to be a partial eclipse, and the entire time during the partial eclipse, you should be wearing the safety glasses or will undergo potential retinal damage,” says Dr. Brent Davidson, an ophthalmologist with Envision Eye Specialists at SSM Health St. Clare Hospital. He says be sure those eclipse glasses are ISO-approved.

“During the total eclipse, which will be a very brief period, you potentially don’t need to wear the glasses, although I would recommend wearing them anyway, but during that total eclipse there is no ultra violet light that will be reaching your eyes, so there’s only a brief opportunity for safety,” he says.

And Davidson says don’t even think about looking at the partial eclipse with your own sunglasses or directly through a telescope or with binoculars. That could cause great damage to your retinas.

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