Ryan Wrecker (@RyanWrecker)By Ryan Wrecker

I can’t remember a crazier week since the election of President Trump. I also can’t remember suffering for a deep “news fatigue” like this past week.

The current atmosphere of ideological differences continues to be manufactured in order for division. We’re caught in a trap where we have to pick sides and dig our heels in, even when there are portions of the issues where common ground can be found. Instead of focusing on what we all can agree on, we’ve seen a professional and organized effort from news networks to further divide and wedge America apart.

Rational thought has been substituted with knee-jerk reactions. Dialogue is discouraged. Screaming is encouraged. The loudest voice is fighting for the privilege of being heard to the point where an elected official, Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, wished harm to the President of the United States in the heat of the moment.

Unfortunately the ill-will from each side doesn’t seem to be cooling down, rather it’s escalating, and I’m not sure what it will take to find us united again.

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Simple answer – yes, most likely.

The best argument I’ve read about this looks at how hard it will be for the President to recruit good people to the job. It’s going to be terribly difficult to convince someone to jump on the Trump train after the past few weeks. He has to do something really big in order to turn around this poor press and perception.

I think you’re starting to catch on that if we have just knee-jerk reactions, we’ll find ourselves arguing this very thing. Case in point:

No crisis should go to waste… is that what we’re trying to prove here?

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I can’t take much credit for the name, but thanks anyway.


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