ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – They weren’t kidding about wearing those protective glasses during Monday’s total solar eclipse.

Google searches for “my eyes hurt” spiked after the solar event.

What if you think you’ve damaged your eyes?

“Typically, there’s not much of a treatment option, depending on the level of injury; most of them recover, and there are very few that will go on to have any permanent damage,” says Dr. Sanjeev Lele, ophthalmologist at SSM Health DePaul Hospital. “It all depends on the nature and the level of injury.”

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Lele says the symptoms to look for include a black dot or blurriness in the center of vision. He gives the example of if you look at someone’s face — the nose and lips would appear blurry.

Things might appear smaller than normal, or lines may appear curvy.

If you notice any symptoms, Lele encourages you to check it out with a doctor.

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