Sam Masterson (@sammasterson22)

John Cena is usually the one to surprise his fans in hilarious videos, or give people help when they need it most. He’s been named one of the most charitable athletes in the world and is regularly granting wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

But this time, the tables were turned.

His fans did the surprising in the above promotional video.

Cena was first asked to read hand-written thank you notes from fans that used his life and message to “never give up” as a reason to get them through tough moments in life. Such as, military members who lost limbs, a mother encouraged to stay strong through a challenging adoption process and a man injured in a car accident.

But the feature story was from a young boy named Tyler, who Cena once gave a wristband too during a WWE performance. Tyler’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and Tyler gave his mother that wrist band to help her “never give up.”

Then Tyler popped out from behind a poster (like Cena has done in the past). Then Tyler’s mom came out, and so did each person who’s thank you note Cena had just read.

He hugged and cried with each person, then said “This is a championship squad right here.”

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