ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The number of bicyclists getting killed in accidents with other vehicles is climbing nationally, and that has local advocates calling for more efforts to make bike riding in the city safer

The latest numbers from 2015 show such fatalities increased by over 12 percent from the year before. In St. Louis, police say five have died so far this year. Trailnet Executive Director Ralph Pfremmer says it’s still not safe to ride a bike in the city, but improvements are being made.

“We were just recently upgraded to a silver status by the League of American Bicyclists as a bicycle friendly community. That’s a status, a designation that not everybody has, so we’ve kind of got the good bones. We’re the top of the worst and the bottom of the best,” he says.

Pfremmer says one focus now is expanding the use of protected bike ways like those on Chestnut. He says in recent years, the number of bike commuters here has grown by 169 percent.

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  1. Simple don’t have bikes and motor vehicles share the same road. When cyclists do silly things like run red lights and stop signs, cite them, as a cyclists you are never going to win the physics match between a car, so ride accordingly.

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