ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – In search of more money for the city budget, Mayor Lyda Krewson is considering a plan to put Lambert airport under private management. Krewson says it’s not like selling something you can’t get back.

“We’re not talking about selling the airport, we’re talking about potentially having another operator operate the airport. Two different things. I think it would be along term commitment whether that’s 20 years, 25 years,” she says.

A plan with the specifics could hit the board of aldermen this fall. Backers say the deal could boost the amount of money the airport pumps into the city budget. Right now Lambert generates $6 million a year in revenue for the city.

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  1. Roger Snider says:

    What about the 600 city residents who work for the airport authority and the $20 million dollar payroll they spend in the city? Loss of airport jobs will result in additional job cuts to the various city departments who support the airport such as Comptroller, Personnel, Supply, Legal, BPS etc.Seems like a fat cat deal is in the making for the connected, follow the money.

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