By Ryan Wrecker

This past weekend I visited Fitz’s for the first time. As it was explained, this is somewhat rare in the area, as the only people who have not yet experienced such greatness must be newly born to this world:

I got the Ghostbuster. It’s a root beer float with whip cream, chocolate and marshmallow fluff (much like the great Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the movie).

It made me wonder… what are some other potential float flavors they could make?

• The President Trump: It’s essentially a regular root beer float except after you eat it, you must immediately send a tweet about either how great or how huge it was.
• The Arch: imagine a two person float with an extra long biscotti cookie bridging the two glasses together
• The Blues: think blueberry ice cream with a bright caramel sauce, topped with a small block of chocolate to symbolize the Zamboni
• The Downtown: It’s your favorite float, except there’s a hole in the bottom of the glass for all the water main breaks and sinkholes we have in the city this summer

I also ran a few polls this week:

I think it would be more fun to talk to the dead if you could pick and choose who you talk to. I’m not sure I would want to hear what animals have to say. They’ve seen things… things that never should be repeated to any other human being.

There was some great discussion this poll. Most wanted to gravitate towards a horror movie.

As it turns out, Moon Pie still exists. Not sure I’ve ever tried one… but they might have peaked in popularity for just one week thanks to the total solar eclipse.

It’s tradition to play ‘Friday’ on Friday morning… but I can’t tell if Cassidy loves it or is scared of it…

Cheers to AJ who is spinning the dials for the new KMOX Sunday night show – Sterling on Sunday – out of master control in Philly.

The photos out of Texas are simply amazing. It’s hard to imagine what this week will bring if they don’t get a break from the storms. Much love and prayers are going their way.


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