If you would like to buy a drink for a first responder or military member in DeSoto, one coffee shop is making it easy to….”chip” in.

Customers at the Pine Mountain Country Coffee House can buy color-coded chips, that police officers, firefighters, EMT’s or military soldiers can use to buy a coffee or soda.

Co-owners Ken and Dee Farrar say it’s proving to be quite popular with the community and in their second location in Farmington, Missouri.

Here’s how it works:

A former EMT herself, Dee Farrar also manages the Pine Mountain Country Mercantile, selling handcrafted country goods like soaps, lip balms and bath bombs.

Another way they are giving back to the De Soto community at their mercantile store is with teddy bears.

Frank Umbdenstock was a family friend, firefighter and EMT. Fararr said, “He served his community, family and friends first before ever thinking of himself, and was always posting about bears because his wife loved them.”

Now the Farrars have set up a section at their store in honor of Frank by selling “Frank’s Bears” and a portion of that money will be donated to a scholarship fund that was set up by Frank’s family.

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Pine Mountain Country Mercantile


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