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Baseball is obviously not the most important thing happening in Texas right now. But even less important than baseball, are the ticket sales and attendance numbers of a August or September baseball game. Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels apparently has mixed opinions.

The Houston Astros will play a three-game series against the Texas Rangers at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, this week. Hurricane Harvey has been dumping torrential rain on Texas since Sunday, causing catastrophic flooding across the state and in particular on Houston and the surrounding area.

“The safety of our fans, players and staff remain our main priority,” Astros President Reid Ryan said. “We are extremely grateful to the Tampa Bay Rays organization for allowing us to use their facility.”

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Houston will lose three home games this week, and maybe more if the flood waters keep rising. However, there was an option to makes sure no one lost homes games. The Rangers could have agreed to host this week’s 3-game series, then the Sept. 25-27 series between the teams would be switched to Minute Maid Park.

Ryan said the Rangers didn’t want to give up the September dates – which would have come at the end of a nine-game road trip _ but were open to shifting the series to Arlington this week. The Rangers GM also told 105.3 The Fan that switching the games wouldn’t be fair to fans who had tickets to the September series.

Twitter quickly jumped on the comments:

Daniels’ counter offer was to play the series in Dallas this week, but the Astros would get all the benefits of a home game, including ticket and concessions profits and raising relief funds for flood victims.

But neither team went for it.

The Rangers have stated they will donate part of the 50/50 raffles from this week’s game to the American Red Cross.

Both the Astros and Rangers flew to Dallas after games in California on Sunday to await news of where the series would be held.

After a day off Monday, they will now head to St. Petersburg, where the Astros will have “home” games far away from home, just as they did in the wake of Hurricane Ike in 2008 when they played two scheduled home games in Milwaukee.

“We started looking at whatever options were out there — St. Louis, Tampa,” Ryan said. “The Rangers offered to host us this week, but not switch series with us. In essence, have all six of our remaining games (against the Rangers) at the ballpark in Arlington. We really looked at what is in the best interest of the integrity of the schedule. They didn’t want to end the season playing a 12-game road trip.”

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