HOUSTON, TX (KMOX) – Missouri Task Force One shifts the focus of their rescue efforts to northeast Houston.

Working along side Houston firefighters Monday, the team rescued 316 people and 35 animals. Task Force spokesman Gale Bloomenkamp says the team includes four specially trained dogs.

“Two of them are considered “live finds” so they search for the live human scent of a victim. We also have on this deployment two human remains detection dogs, so they’re taught the scent of a human cadaver or a dead person,” he says.

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Task Force team members did have explain to 41 people who decided to stay that it’s possible if they have a medical emergency or their home catches fire, there may be no one to come to their aid. With each door to door stop, the team is using GPS to mark the home as having been checked so other rescue teams don’t duplicate efforts.

“One family had a generator running in the house that had very high level of CO, so had those people gone to bed last night, they would not have woken up this morning,” he says.

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