Brett Blume (@brettblumekmox)

GRANITE CITY, Ill. (KMOX) – Kyle Cobb of Granite City saw the devastation in Texas and wanted to help out.

Little did he realize he’d be heading up a mini-convoy of supplies directly to the heart of the hurricane relief zone.

But that’s what happened once word got out.

“Well, we just started by putting a post out on social media to try and see if we could get some donations to bring down here,” Cobb explained.

Local residents responded in a big way.

“Above and beyond,” he said. “The way the Granite City community came together was just unbelievable. A bunch of businesses jumped on board and had customers dropping off stuff.”

When he decided to try and help out, why not just donate an extra five bucks on his grocery bill and be done with it, as opposed to organizing a massive drive?

“You know, we tried figuring that out all along…I really don’t know,” he admitted. “Just watching all of this happen and all the devastation I really felt compelled to do a little bit more than just throw some money at it.”

They ended up collecting two large trucks and a trailer “packed to the absolute brim” with fresh bottled water and other much-needed supples.

Then it came time to deliver the goods, which meant driving straight through to the Houston area overnight Saturday.

That’s when Cobb & Co. got a first-hand look at the unbelievable devastation left behind by Harvey.

“I’ve never seen water standing as high on businesses as the water lines were down here,” according to Cobb. “We walked across the street and were gonna grab breakfast at McDonald’s, not realizing that the day before the water was standing where the door handle is to open the door.”

He said buildings routinely had four to five feet of standing water inside everywhere they went.

And of course where there’s a lot of standing water there’s swarms of pesky insects.

“Oh yeah, the mosquitoes were absolutely miserable,” said Cobb. “We took some bug spray, but probably not nearly enough.”

But he added it was all worth the effort when they dropped off the supplies to the grateful people of Houston.


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