By Ryan Wrecker

It’s Labor Day weekend.  It’s also two days to enjoy PB&J Oreo’s by myself.

I want to make sure everyone knows we’ll be throwing support behind the people of Houston and giving a helping hand.  Join KMOX Friday, September 8th for our Hurricane Harvey Relief Drive.  I’ll be on site from 11A-2P, and we’re looking for donations and supplies to ship to the south as they start their cleanup efforts.  The national media will forget about the flooding and move onto the next big story. But we won’t.  I hope to see you Friday.



Thanks Will!



What’s interesting here is that we’re already having issues with China.  It goes to show you what a mess that most of our international relations have become.  For the record it started long before 9 months ago.



The key is to raise this at the state level and not try to compartmentalize it city by city.  Imagine if each of the 90 municipalities across St. Louis had their own minimum wage.  There’s a great video posted by Prager U on this topic.



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