ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger is calling for the firing of County Auditor Mark Tucker.

In a letter to County Council Chairman Sam Page, Stenger cites reports that Tucker faces a 6-year-old federal tax lien of over $91,000, saying, “A delinquent tax debt of this magnitude demonstrates Tucker’s lack of personal fiscal responsibility.”


The County Executive is asking Page and other council members to terminate Tucker’s appointment and to replace him with an experienced and upstanding County Auditor on whom the public and County government can depend.

“We call upon our residents to pay their taxes,” Stenger said in the letter. “It is appalling that our own county auditor, an individual responsible for budgetary checks and balances and who should serve as an example of fiscal responsibility, has instead proven derelict in his personal and professional obligations.”

He adds that while the county charter requires the auditor to have at least five years of accounting experience, Tucker has none.

Tucker was hired at Page’s urging. The charter requires the council to appoint and remove the auditor.

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