ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – It’s a nice convenience to grab an uber at the airport now, but it’s not been so smooth adding a new transportation option at Lambert.

Vernon Davis says a lot of his fellow uber and lyft drivers aren’t doing much driving; but are doing a lot of clogging.

“The number of vehicles that are in the queue versus the number that they said would be in queue, that’s completely off the chain,” he says.

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This weekend one app was showing 52 cars waiting for a fare, but the guidelines said a max of 10 in queue, and Davis says these drivers are amateurs, causing traffic jams.

“They’re parking in areas they’re not supposed to be parking, in the yellows areas around the curb, the stripped area. You’ll have drivers that are stacked up behind each other,” he says.

And then they get upset with airport police. Davis says uber and lyft, even though they’re just decentralized apps, should take a more active role in directing their drivers.

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