ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – School leaders at MICDS are still involved in the investigative disciplinary process regarding the students who were snapchatting racist and sexually charged messages. The students are not allowed on campus and aren’t attending classes during the investigation, but school officials say they’re not suspended.

A decision is expected by the end of the week.

Brad Young with Harris, Dowell & Fisher says because it’s a private school, the girls could very well be expelled. It’s spelled out in the handbook.

“It prohibits verbal conduct and social media and including ‘insulting, abusive, degrading language based on an individual’s race or color, or any other protected characteristics,” he says.

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It’s not as easy in public schools where there’s a much higher threshold to meet, but Young says it’s getting there as social media becomes more and more pervasive and important.

At least one MICDS alum who sent his children there as well thinks we’re all being too hard on these girls. Attorney Beavis Shock has more of an issue with the senior who sent screenshots of the racist conversations to school authorities.

“I think we need to have incredible compassion for these young girls. Not to say that what they said was right, it’s horrible, they shouldn’t have said what they said, but these people are very young,” he says.

Shock thinks the school talks about morality so much that the students just ignore it. Just last week the students were told there’s no such thing as privacy on social media, and says this proves it.

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