ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The City of St. Louis says a ballot initiative to rehab vacant residential properties actually passed in April. They’re suing to force the Board of Elections to certify that.

The city contends Proposition NS needed a 4/7ths majority to pass, not 2/3rds because ballot initiatives that grant the city authority to do something are governed by the state constitution, not the city charter.

Alderwoman Cara Spencer of the 20th Ward pushed hard for Prop NS. She says it would do wonders for the city.

“What we’re proposing to do is stabilize the building just to get it over that hump so that it is a viable investment on the private market, and that it does make sense to make that investment and fully rehab the house,” she says.

The city could issue $6 million in bonds per year to spend on rehab, to a max of 40 million, paid for through a property tax increase which sunsets after the bonds are paid off.

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