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ST. LOUIS (KMOX)- ¬†There’s another call for former St. Louis Police officer Jason Stockley to be found guilty of murdering Anthony Lamar Smith, and this one comes from the organization that represents the city’s black police officers.

In a video released Tuesday morning, Ethical Society of Police President Heather Taylor says the society’s board has decided to take on stand on Stockley’s first-degree murder case. “We need to support a conviction of Jason Stockley for murder.”

The video release comes as St. Louis Circuit Judge Timothy Wilson continues deliberating the evidence presented in a bench trial that ended over a month ago.

In talking about the board’s decision Taylor says, “During the course of that investigation,” she says, “there were several things that we found alarming, that violated policy. That led us to believe that his actions were that of someone that had committed murder, that he wasn’t defending himself in the line of duty.”

Along with the video, which also includes¬†Redditt Hudson, a former member of the society and co-founder of the National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers for Justice Reform and Accountability, the society released a list of 21 reasons Stockley should be convicted. Taylor mentioned statements made to investigators, by Stockley’s partner on the day in 2011 when he shot Smith at the end of a chase, that started with an alleged drug deal. “(Brian) Bianchi, after yelling out ‘gun’, holsters his gun. We find that odd. And once again, when Stockley is at the vehicle where he ultimately kills Anthony Lamar Smith, Bianchi’s gun is holstered again.”

Taylor also mentioned that Stockley’s DNA, not Smith’s, was found on the gun found in Smith’s car. “DNA is hit or miss at times but, Stockley’s explanation is that DNA is bizarre. What’s really important to note is it’s his DNA and not that of Anthony Lamar Smith.”

At the end of the video a message appears reading, ” The Ethical Society of Police understands that the case may cause public frustration and we respect the citizens right to protest. However, we do not condone any violence regardless of the court’s decision.”

There is no indication yet when Judge Wilson will hand down his verdict.

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