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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A raging three alarm fire gutted a vacant three-story north St. Louis building Tuesday morning.

Firefighters were called to Dodier and Leffingwell just after 6 a.m. Within minutes flames were shooting over one hundred feet into the air. “An attempt was made at an aggressive interior attack,” says Captain Garon Mosby, “but the fire was too far ahead of us so that was transferred into a defensive stance.”

Mosby says the fire took off, filling all three floors with flames, collapsing much of the roof.

The first firefighters on the scene had to overcome a nearby hydrant, that didn’t work. “The one good thing about city water, it’s redundant,” Mosby says. “The way we set up for fires, it’s redundant. So, whereas that hydrant isn’t been accessed there’s another one not to far and we have the resources to import water.”

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Another concern, Mosby says, was the breeze. He says one of his jobs on the scene was to check the area to the south of the fire for embers. He said one landed on an adjacent building, causing some burning.

Eventually 80 firefighters were on the scene. No one was hurt. Because of the extent of the damage, and the fact the building was vacant, investigators aren’t likely to look for the cause.

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