ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens on Thursday called for calm when the verdict in the Jason Stockley murder case is made public.

Attorney Al Watkins answered questions on behalf of Christina Wilson, fiancee of Anthony Lamar Smith, and though calm, Watkins was visibly frustrated with the verdict situation.

Former St. Louis police officer Stockley is on trial for first-degree murder of Anthony Lamar Smith. Circuit Judge Timothy Wilson’s verdict is expected to be announced sometime Friday.

When asked by a reporter if he had any indication of what the verdict in the Stockley trial was going to be, Watkins fired off a passionate response to the preparations that have been made ahead of the announcement:

“I am a simple-minded lawyer from the Heartland of America. I can tell you when you see the type of preparation that has been made – when you observe with the simple-minded insight of a lawyer – that you have barricades set up, that you have a federal court building that’s going to be emptied out tomorrow, you have a law school down the block that’s going to be emptied, you have state courts being emptied, you have kids in North County that are being told ‘don’t come to school,; you have a judge – who waits until his daughter’s marriage ceremony is done – before he announces a verdict, so he can accommodate his own personal agenda — you want to know what this simple guy thinks? That verdict’s not going to be what’s going to be consistent with the evidence. That’s my opinion, and I have the right to say it.”

Watkins’ response begins about the 2:20 minute mark:

Watkins said Christina Wilson plans on being present for the verdict with her family and friends. He added that it is still not known “whether this will be a released verdict, whether this will be announced in a courtroom, and if so, specifically what time.”

Watkins said he received a phone call from a representative from the circuit attorney’s office “who, unabashedly, acknowledged that they were not in possession of the exact protocol or logistics related to the verdict.”

“It’s, quite frankly, appallingly stunning,” he said.

Watkins answered questions from the media following Greitens’ call for peace, made alongside Christina Wilson:

Protesters were in place outside the Wainwright State Office Building downtown after the statements.

Gov. Eric Greitens on Thursday “took the initial steps” to activate the Missouri National Guard in anticipation of possible events related to the Stockley verdict.

Comments (2)
  1. We are all used to mock trials by rigged juries
    I do not expect anything different from a judge. Judge’s are no more than ass wipes used by the prosecutors to hide their responsibility. It is the prosecutors who call the shots and it is the prosecutors who allow police misconduct.

  2. Levy Anthony says:

    If you want to win some money, see if Vegas will take your bet on not guilty. The fix was in when they reluctantly made this killer return. The verdict will be another business as usual setup that is once again justified by the Law. The failure to announce a timely verdict is a total indication of the outcome and simply gives them time to get the lie and justification together. Why choose one judge rather than a 12 person jury? Was a curious at first. However, with the fix in, use an insider about to retire whose vote is the only one that counts. Why take a chance on convincing folks who are unknown. It is the same old STL scenario cloaked in the Rodney King “Can We just all get along” speak. No charges of murder against the partner who heard this killer vocalize what was going to do and still drove this murderer to the scene where it was done and then lied says that he was just as guilty. You and I would be charged with murder. It was then and it is now simply a farce and a sham from the top to the bottom. Please stop trying to convince people of its validity. The only thing about the verdict will be that it once again validates that no white policeman will ever go to jail in STL for killing a black person. The policemen are Always afraid for their lives. The only validation needed is the killer’s word.

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