ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Mayor Lyda Krewson says the city is setting up a protest area in Poelker Park at the corner of Tucker and Market.

But she stresses law enforcement will be on it.

“Law enforcement will do their job and follow proper protocols, to stop unlawful behavior and deescalate situations as needed,” she says.

Krewson says city police will be working with other area law enforcement agencies throughout the weekend. Governor Greitens made it clear, protests are expected, and even encouraged.

“Whatever the verdict is, we will protect every single person’s right to peacefully protest. And whatever the verdict is, we will also protect peoples’ lives, their homes, and our communities,” he says.

Greitens has placed the National Guard on stand-by along with dozens of State Patrol officers.

Elizabeth Snyder is Blake Snyder’s widow is calling for calm ahead of a verdict. Snyder was killed in a South St. Louis County shooting. She shared her thoughts on Facebook Live.

“When you’re destroying towns and destroying cities, people aren’t going to listen to you,” she says.

Snyder also encourages people not to paint police officers with a broad brush. She says if Stockley is convicted, that doesn’t mean all officers are bad and all officers plant evidence.

Among the people echoing the call for calm – Anthony Lamar Smith’s former fiance.

Christina Wilson joined Governor Greitens to encourage protestors to speak their mind and say what they feel, but for the sake of her and Smith’s daughter, she hopes things don’t get out of hand.

“We’re not going to do violence as the answer. Anyone who truly loves Anthony and his daughter, I prefer for you guys o do everything peacefully,” she says.

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