ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Grizzly bears are always a big draw at the St. Louis Zoo, and the bears have a new home. Zoo members got a sneak peak yesterday during a members only preview.

Parents and kids had their noses pressed to the glass to get a look at the bears inside Centene Grizzly Ridge yesterday. So far, the reviews have been positive.

“They’re beautiful, it’s fun to see them explore,” says one visitor.

Curator of mammals Steve Bircher says in this new Grizzly Ridge they have retained some of what made the old Grizzly Bluffs a big attraction, including the back wall.

“Everything in front is new. Obviously we have the glass barriers now that we didn’t have before, but they’re now living on a grass, natural substrate with native plants that you’d find in a grizzly habitat.

The Centene Grizzly Ridge opens to the public today. It also adds waterfalls, a wading pool and even back-scratching rocks for the grizzlies.

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