Brett Blume (@brettblumekmox)

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (KMOX) – They were sweeping up broken glass all along Delmar Avenue in University City Sunday morning.

Around two dozen businesses had their windows shattered late Saturday as a peaceful demonstration gave way to a more violent protest.

According to a police report more than 450 people took to the streets of Delmar at Kingsland and peacefully marched down to Skinker as part of their demonstration in reaction to the Jason Stockley verdict.

This group turned around and marched back to their starting point, but then a smaller group of people began to gather and ignored police orders to disperse.

Growing to around 150 marchers, the group when began to throw rocks and water bottles at officers who were not in riot gear because they were working traffic.

Members of the crowd began throwing bricks, water bottles filled with paint thinner or gasoline, and balloons filled with a “red liquid” according to police.

As many as 23 businesses along Delmar were vandalized, along with nearly a half dozen police vehicles.

Entrepreneur Joe Edwards was among those out observing the damage Sunday morning.

“It’s amazing when small, independent businesses — many owned by minorities and women — have their windows broken,” Edwards told KMOX News. “That part doesn’t make sense to me.”

Even though he was visiting from the Branson area, John Herget was among dozens of volunteers who grabbed a broom and dust mop and jumped in to help clean up debris.

He had nothing good to say about those responsible for the vandalism.

“It shows the world that the people who come together are the stupid ones who mess us up,” he observed.


Shop owners along the Delmar Loop were cleaning up Sunday morning after Saturday night’s acts of vandalism following Friday’s not guilty verdict in the Jason Stockley case.

University City Police say 23 businesses were damaged, many with windows shattered.

In a news release, University City officers say they provided traffic control, starting around 6:15 pm in the area of Delmar and Kingsland. They say a crowd of more than 450 people peacefully demonstrated and marched to several locations, before dispersing.

Then, around 9:45 pm a group of 75 refused to comply with police requests to get out of the street and police say they began throwing rocks and water bottles containing liquids like paint thinner and gasoline at officers. Some also lobbed bricks and other solid objects at police.

That’s when, police say, the group doubled in size and businesses were vandalized.

The University City Police release says a few officers suffered minor injuries, five squad cars were damaged, and about 10 arrests were made.

St. Louis County police say 7 arrests were made (5 adults and 2 juveniles) for property destruction and assault of a police officer crimes.

St. Louis city police say they made 2 arrests Saturday night for failure to disperse at Skinker and Delmar.


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