ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Police morale is getting a boost from the public, bringing in contributions of bottled water and snacks to get them through those 12-hour shifts.

Volunteers are donating water bottles, packaged snacks and energy food for officers working the crowds since the Jason Stockley verdict.

Officer Matt Crecelius, business manager with the St. Louis County Police Association, says it means a lot considering the injuries officers have suffered, including a broken jaw, dislocated shoulders, and an unknown liquid being thrown into officers’ eyes and on their arms.

“It’s been overwhelming; I’ve been here for about an hour now. I even heard one lady said she came from Warrenton,” he says. “This is the side of St. Louis I think most people relate to.”

Some volunteers came with criticism for protesters. Volunteer Ruth Atkinsi brought in some water for officers to drink.

“I’m very hard-pressed to understand why, that people are protesting for a drug dealer,” she said.

The contributions are being dropped off at the St. Louis Police Association Hall at 3710 Hampton Ave.

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