By Debbie Monterrey

Are you stressed about the upcoming holiday season? We offer expert help.

It feels like school has barely begun but the Halloween displays have been up at stores for weeks. Christmas items are already popping up. (Poor Thanksgiving, always plowed over and ignored by materialism).

For those of you who LOVE the holiday season and can’t get enough, this post is not for you.

This is a post for those of who want to love the holidays, who envision in their heads perfect, Norman Rockwell-like gatherings with family and friends, all laughing, toasting and making gingerbread–but who wind up stressed out, disappointed and glad when it’s all over.

Festively decorated living room

We all want to give our children that storybook holiday. But often, the build up is a letdown, and the stress of trying to make it perfect affects the whole family.

Does it have to be that way?

This holiday season, Aisha Sultan and I are looking for a family wanting to make a change. We will offer your family advice from experts on time-management, managing expectations, dealing with those family squabbles that pop up every year (or whatever your holiday issues are).

All we ask is that you keep up apprised of your progress and share your journey on our Aisha & Debbie Dish podcast.

Just send us an email explaining what’s stressing you out about the holidays and we will pick a family in the coming weeks.

Email Aisha at or Debbie at

Here’s to the potential of our best holiday season ever!

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