By Ryan Wrecker

The windows are boarded in downtown St. Louis.  On Sunday night, a helicopter with a spot light flies across the night sky every few minutes.

The words you hear over and over is, “during the day it’s peaceful, but at night the agitators come out to play.”

I’ve watched a woman dance on the roof of a police car with a child in the daylight.  I watched people throw water bottles and urine at cops.  I’ve seen spray paint and vandalism not hidden by darkness but proudly in the light.  There was hateful people chanting hateful things, running to the front of the line, past peaceful protesters and and curious bystanders.  I don’t know if they showed up out of anger or opportunity.   But what I saw was hate directed at people that had nothing to do with precursor to the protest, a verdict that was released on Friday morning.

That’s what some of the protesters are doing, and what happened on Friday morning doesn’t justify those actions or make any of it right.  All it does is reflect a feeling.

I’m grateful for the police and the job they’ve done.  They have handled this very well.

We can’t let these feelings fester, and we can’t excuse or tolerate hate in any form.  But I know enough to understand words won’t make anything better this week.  You can’t just say, ‘I hope you see the light,’ because that approach isn’t working.


This is a pretty good look at what was in front of our radio stations on Sunday night.  The real hero is my beat-up phone battery for staying active for as long as it did.

Awesome!  Thanks Ryan, the KMOX signal is simply in beast mode every single night.

From what I saw, the protesters were adults.  If you go back and watch videos from the different areas, you don’t see many kids, if at all.  That’s for the best.  You don’t want to allow the agitators to set the tone for your kids.

I have designated sleep times at a designated sleep area.  It’s my safe space.


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