ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley was represented by the council for the St. Louis police officers association, Neil Bruntrager and Brian Millikan. Bruntrager says his office received a call that day in 2011 that there had been an officer-involved shooting.

“The protocol was, and still is today, that they contact council so that we’re there to advise the officers who’ve been involved,” he says.

He agrees that the optics may have looked bad in the case, like Stockley’s comment during the chase that he was going to kill that *expletive*.

“And if you take that as a single part, as the single piece of evidence, and I understand what you’re saying certainly, but that wasn’t the single piece of evidence… There’s a string here. Everything connects up and you have to follow the string all the way to it’s end,” he says.

Both say they were relieved to get the not-guilty verdict

One the other side, the lawyer representing the young daughter of the man killed by Jason Stockley accuses the city of withholding evidence. Attorney Albert Watkins filed a civil rights case on behalf of Anthony Lamar Smith’s daughter, a case he settled for $900,000. But he says it would’ve been a stronger case with all the evidence.

“It’s clear that the evidence that the city of St. Louis had, that was introduced in the Jason Stockley trial, which was in the possession of the city St. Louis in 2012 and on, was not provided to us,” he says.

Watkins is asking the Missouri Attorney General to investigate whether the city failed to share all the evidence it had.

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