ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – After ditching plans to march through the U-City Loop again, several hundred Stockley protesters reconvened in downtown St. Louis Monday evening for a noisy protest outside the city jail.

The heavens opened up around 8:30 and absolutely poured, the first time since the Stockley decision was announced Friday that it’s rained on protesters.

At first they cheered, but then some began breaking away from the main group, which continued to chant “Let our people go” referring to detainees from Sunday night’s violent protests.

Before the rains came, Brittney Harrison talked about why she was taking part in the demonstrations.

“I feel like all racism should be ended, because we all are humans. We’re in modern days, it shouldn’t be like this,” she says.

Protestors have vowed to continue gathering night after night in the foreseeable future, wet or dry, to demand justice for Anthony Lamar Smith.

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