ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The President of St. Louis Transplants says it’s not time to run from our regional problems. In fact, he says include video of the protesters in our pitch to Amazon.

It’s because tech titans like Jeff Bezos and companies like Amazon like the idea of changing the world.

“You want the person who says ‘I want to be aggressive, I want to make that change, I want to be that person to make a difference’, and here is a challenge, and St. Louis wants people who run to challenges, not run from it,” he says.

St. Louis Transplants president Anthony Bartlett talks daily with people moving in and out of the city. He says a lot of us think these protests and problems are ours, when they’re actually America’s.

“We’re in the fight on both sides of it and I think it’s amazing. The idea that we would lose talent or a young person, a college graduate, because of this issue is ludicrous,” he says.

But he says part of the pitch will also have to include what the city and state have done to improve conditions, especially in the three years since Ferguson.

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