ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Tourism and convention organizers say the ongoing strife over the Jason Stockley verdict is bad for business. Kitty Ratcliffe of Explore St. Louis says the chaos after the Stockely verdict last week made a big impression on 4,000 nurses here for a convention.

“While they were inside the convention center, there was an attempt to break into the convention center. And when U2 cancelled, the people who were hurt were the people expecting to work in the kitchens, and in the concession stands, and taking tickets,” she says.

Ratcliffe told an annual gathering of convention planners that the fallout from the Stockely verdict will have a short term and a long term effect on whether people want to come here. She’s calling on politicians to enact reforms before things get to the point of people taking it to the streets.

Jim Shrewsbury, chairman of the Regional Sports Authority, says the damage done will fade away eventually, because St. Louis remains an affordable place to hold a convention and it’s centrally located.

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