Brian Kelly @brpkelly

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-With below normal precipitation expected in October, forecasters are becoming more concerned about the dry conditions in the St. Louis area. The National Weather Service says some of the area is experiencing a ‘moderate drought’, while the rest is ‘abnormally dry’.

Meteorologist Mark Britt tells KMOX that while precipitation for the year is above average, it’s two inches below normal for September. He says that’s doing more than just turning lawns brown, “We’re at the end of agricultural season in some areas so that can be some stress on some local farmers. If the drought was to persist that could be some stress on water systems, that type of thing.”

And, Britt says, it does look like the dry conditions will persist. “Below normal precipitation is expected to continue into the fall and into the winter months. The real concern would be if it would continue through the winter and into the spring.”

One positive, Britt says, is that the ground doesn’t need as much moisture in the winter. “As the days get shorter the evaporation is less. So, as we go into winter it’s not as big a concern. What would be a real concern is if we go into spring and the drought continues.”

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