CARLINVILLE, ILL. (KMOX) – Blackburn College in Carlinville is offering qualifying students who live in Macoupin County to attend free of charge.

It’s called the “Macoupin Promise.” Students have to meet Blackburn’s regular admission requirements, enroll in the college’s work program and come from a household earning $60 thousand a year or less. Justin Norwood is Blackburn’s acting admissions director.

“Looking at the average household income in Macoupin County, Carlinville, a lot of the small communities around here, $38 thousand is approximately the household income, and that leaves a lot of students without the opportunity to afford college,” he says.

Norwood says the idea is to give good students a chance to stay closer to home and, perhaps, stick around after college.

Blackburn has only 550 students. The private college keeps costs low by requiring students who live on campus to work at least 10 hours a week in one of 12 departments.

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