Ryan Wrecker (@RyanWrecker)By Ryan Wrecker

Charles Barkley is right. Professional athletes are not role models.

NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem are not role models. The reminder became clear Sunday morning when players, encouraged by team owners, decided to grandstand on the platform allowed to them. The NFL, or any league for that matter, is a fleeting job that ends when they’re too old or not skilled enough to play. It’s a game that fans take very seriously. But I wonder how long it will take owners to realize those same fans don’t watch on Sunday morning for a slap to the face.

Your parents might be your role model. Family, teachers, police, fireman, soldier, pastor, and even neighbors are fine candidates. At some point, we started to outsource role models based on celebrity status rather than accomplishments. It should make you cringe every time a young girl says Kim Kardashian is a role model. What’s just as bad is that we encourage kids to value fame and fortune over family.

Ultimately the owners are interested in the money side of the game. They have invested lots of money in the players and coaches, and they don’t want to upset the chance of winning with what could be seen as a self-inflicted injury. So they let the players do whatever they want.

Let it be clear that you stand for the National Anthem. Let it be clear if you’re proud to be an American. And please, let it be clear to your kids that these athletes are not role models.

Now a few comments…


I’m living the dream, each and every night on KMOX. Not going to deny that.


Had a great conversation with Anthony Bartlett about Amazon. YOU should give it a listen: https://omny.fm/shows/overnight-america/september-20th-2017-11pm-12am


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