ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The city of Ferguson has some advice for St. Louis police about getting body cameras – there’s nothing to be afraid of.

In St. Louis, a city hall board has approved a one-year free trial run for police body cameras, but the police union says it still needs to negotiate with the department how they’ll be used.

Ferguson officers have been wearing body cameras since the fall of 2014, shortly after the Michael Brown shooting. Chief Delrish Moss says while officers haven’t used deadly force or fired a shot since then, the cameras have been useful.

“A lot of times it catches people doing things that they shouldn’t, citizens, actually. In Palm Beach County a few years ago when they got body cameras, there was an allegation that a police officer had arrested a woman and fondled her under her clothing, but the video camera cleared the police officer,” he says.

Chief Moss says in Ferguson the body cameras have helped police track witness statements at the scene of an incident, to make sure they don’t change their story later on.

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