ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – An author in another national publication says St. Louis is a logical choice for Amazon’s second headquarters.

Dustin McKissen, a contributor to Inc. Magazine and CNBC, penned a column titled “If Jeff Bezos Wants to Make America Better (and He Does), This is Where He Should Bring Amazon.” McKissen writes St. Louis is a microcosm of America, and America’s problems, and he says Bezos isn’t solely a bottom line guy.

“Basically if he was solely bottom-line oriented I don’t think he would own the Washington Post… We know that’s not the place you go if you’re looking to just make a gigantic truckload money, he wouldn’t be putting his money into developing his own sort of private space program,” he says.

St. Louis’s infrastructure might not be up to par with other cities in the running, but McKissen says that’s an opportunity for Amazon to come in and help structure that to their needs.

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