I was driving my daughter to daycare Wednesday morning, listening to Total Information AM on KMOX (of course!) and I heard what those in the news business call “nat sound” of protesters. This was their chant during a march on Wednesday night through downtown St. Louis:

“How many kids did you kill today, St. Louis PD KKK”

You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me, right? Why am I one of the few people pointing out how utterly ridiculous that chant and many others are by these so-called peaceful protesters in the aftermath of Ferguson and now the Stockley verdict? Why can’t, for once, the Mayor of St. Louis Lyda Krewson or someone on the Board of Alderman say something like this:

“You know, we understand your concern about racial injustice and police brutality and these are important issues but when you chant something like that you just sound STUPID.”

I mean, really stupid. If the mayor, her supporters, the black clergy members and others in the protest community want people to listen, wouldn’t it be better to call BS on some of this nonsense? Yeah, yeah I get it…they’re too busy passing resolutions honoring a heroin dealer, but let’s get real.

Here are some numbers that seem pretty relevant and prove why many of the protesters and alleged leaders in St. Louis have lost any credibility on the issues that are so passionate about.

Heather McDonald wrote about the new FBI numbers on crime and policing this week and you can read her entire column here, but allow me to summarize:

In 2016, nearly 800 additional blacks were killed compared with 2015, bringing the total black homicide total to 7,881. That’s more than 1,300 more than the number of white victims for the same period – but keep in mind blacks are only 13 percent of the nation’s population, as McDonald points out. Compare that with the 233 black people shot and killed by police that same year.

Most of those black lives that matter were armed and dangerous and even the “Washington Post” reported only 16 male black male victims of police shootings were unarmed. Keep in mind Mike Brown was unarmed, but he also reached inside a police squad car and tried to wrestle a gun out of Darren Wilson’s hands and also charged Wilson before being shot dead.

I’m told over and over again that comparing black on black crime with police shootings of black “kids” is unfair, that both issues are important and need to be addressed. If that’s true, why are we constantly only talking about one of those issues? By “we” I mean leadership in St. Louis, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, etc…etc…etc.

My message is simple. Until you start calling out the embarrassing nonsense by groups that chant “How many kids did you kill today, St. Louis PD KKK” you have zero credibility and I refuse to have the conversation or help forge a dialogue on race and inequality. I’m tired of it, and so are a whole lot of other people in our region. If you want a serious discussion then get serious about the REAL crisis facing parts of St. Louis and much of urban America.

And it’s not, nor has it ever been, cops killing black people.