ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The ACLU of Missouri has filed its second lawsuit within a week against police officers for alleged misconduct during protests, this one stemming from incidents in 2015.

It was after the police shooting of drug suspect Mansur Ball-Bey in the city’s Fountain Park Neighborhood in August of that year.

ACLU spokeswoman Daniela Velazquez says it alleges city and St. Clair County officers retaliated against two protesters several blocks away, long after the protest was over.

“About 30 minutes after the demonstration had dispersed,” she says, “they (police) came down in the SWAT truck and threw tear gas canisters and pepper spray at two of our plaintiffs.”

Velazquez says Christina Vogel and Sarah Molina were talking with friends on a sidewalk when it happened.

The suit also alleges officers tear gassed the entire neighborhood.

Another plaintiff, Peter Groce, says he was hit with pepper spray and a tear gas canister after telling officers that they should be driving their SWAT vehicle on the street instead of the grass.

Velazquez says the suit seeks to have police change their conduct when dealing with protesters, to fall in line with the Ferguson Consent Decree.

The suit comes a week after the ACLU of Missouri sued the city of St. Louis for officers’ actions during the first week of the Jason Stockley protests.

On Thursday it filed a motion for a preliminary injunction, asking the court to make the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department enact changes that relate to police conduct during protests.

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