Brian Kelly @brpkelly

EUREKA, MO (KMOX)-Nearly a dozen sixth-grade girls escaped unharmed when their cabin at Camp Wyman in Eureka caught fire early Friday morning.

The girls were awakened a little after 2 a.m., when smoke detectors sounded as fire engulfed the front porch of the cabin. The 10 students from the Steger Sixth Grade Center in the Webster Groves District tried to get out the front door but couldn’t because of the flames. The three high school juniors and seniors who were their chaperones helped them get out the back. They then went to the adjoining cabin and got everyone out of there. A camp spokesperson says two staff members helped with the evacuations.

The Eureka Fire Department tells KMOX that by the time they got there, the entire cabin was engulfed. They say the counselors did an excellent job making sure everyone got out safely.

There were some tense moments though. When the girls gathered at the cafeteria, eight were missing. It turns out they had gone to the lake instead.

The fire’s cause is under investigation, but it may have been started by a wood, candle-burning lantern that was supposed to be turned in, but was left on the porch.

Friday was to be the final day of week-long stay for the Steger students and their chaperones.

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