ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – An UMSL professor is raising red flags over the proposed merger of St. Louis city and county.

Mark Tranel, professor at the Public Policy Research Center at UMSL, believes the pro-merger group “Better Together” has over-simplified some aspects of its research.

“There are some very technical issues regarding things like the court system that need some very thoughtful analysis and thorough investigation before we have a vote and just smush them together and hope everything is going to come out ok,” he says.

Tranel also believes that comparing St. Louis to Indianapolis, as “Better Together” has done, is faulty because Pittsburgh and Baltimore are better case studies.

A “Better Together” spokesperson says they’ve reviewed Tranel’s findings and dismissed them as flawed.

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  1. It seems that whenever the claims conclusions of study are challenged, the original claimant always says that the challenge is always flawed.

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