ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – It’s horrible to think about someone going on a killing rampage like Las Vegas and you are caught in the middle, but one company is offering a two-day active shooter training camp next month designed to help you survive.

It’s something Xtreme Krav Maga has done for years now.

“We train people to take action, because statistics show that if you take action, you are going to prevail and you are going to win,” says owner Steve Sulze.

You’ll get hands on training like how to punch, and use your knees and elbows. But what about a situation like Las Vegas where shooter was on the 32nd floor, high above his victims?

“This specific event in Vegas was a little bit different style one, where they had an aerial advantage and going hands on wasn’t possible unless you were the person in the hotel right next to them and had the training,” he says.

But he says tactical first aid knowledge would help. Those attending will be taught how to apply a tourniquet and even how to drag an injured friend or stranger to safety.


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