ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – After more than two weeks of protests, the overtime bill for St. Louis police, firefighters and court house deputies has surpassed $2.5 million.

The latest figure comes from the city’s budget director, Paul Payne.

The money will have to come from somewhere in the city budget, and that has aldermen worried.

Alderman Scott Ogilvie says it’s a big deal.

“The city can not afford to continue this level of police over time, even if there are protests indefinitely,” he says.

Alderman Terry Kennedy say it’s a difficult pill to swallow: “Things have not stopped, so we’re really looking at even more than that at some point, so the question is, where’s it going to come from?”

“It truly saddens me that we have to pay this unexpected cost,” says Alderman Jeffrey Boyd. “What scares me is that lack of city services that will be delivered to my community because of this. Because the money has to come from somewhere.”

Other aldermen say the Jason Stockley protest overtime costs come at a bad time, when the city’s cash reserves are already low — last year, the city scrambled to plug a $17 million budget shortfall.

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