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CRESTWOOD, MO–(KMOX)–Neighbors living and working around the old Crestwood Mall site are getting impatient, as the developer seeks a 60 day delay to clear way demolition debris.

“It’s been an ongoing, drawn-out process, ” said Beth Galovich, who lives behind the site,”and the sooner they get their act together, the better.”

A proposal before the Crestwood City Council next week would give the developer an additional two months to complete the demolition, which was supposed to be done by the end of September–18 months after aldermen approved the deal.

Galovich says for neighbors like her whose backyards the site, it’s been hard.

“It’s very noisy, very noisy, we hear demolition at all hours,” Galovich said, “and the smells that come from there.”

Some local businesses are complaining of lost business.

Aaron Grobes, manager of the BP station at Watson and Sappington , across from the mall site says business is down about 35 percent since the mall went away.

A few blocks east on Watson, the Music City store has also dealt with dust, noise and customers confused about whether they’re still open. 006 2 Crestwood Mall Cleanup Falls Behind Schedule

“It’s been a challenge over the years to get folks to even walk in,” said Music City clerk Joe Behan, “because the area–it’s taken so long to get that mall plan going–everybody thinks this area is dead.”

Not all businesses say their business is down from the demolition.

Pharmacist Patty Frieda of Neels Pharmacy, at corner of Watson and Sappington , says business is steady, but she’s not happy to hear the developer wants a two-month delay to get started.

“It’s disappointing, I feel that they need to make a move,” Frieda said.

Frieda is also hoping to learn soon if the developer has any tenants lined up. (So far, none have been announced.) And she hopes they aren’t big box stores.

“I think big box stores tend to be vultures in terms of small merchants,” Frieda said, “and the history of Crestwood is small town–small merchant.”

Crestwood Mayor Gregg Roby and City Administrator Kris Simpson were not available for comment.

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